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CookPerfect Wireless

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Wireless meat thermometer that you can connect to your phone via Wi-FI or Bluetooth. Use the meat thermometer with the free CookPerfect app, and follow your cooking progress in real-time on your phone.

CookPerfect Wireless Technical Specifications:

Measurement of internal temp Multiple
Calculation of cooking time Yes
Measuring of ambient temperature Integrated
Wi-Fi connection Yes
BLE connection 5.0
Probe diameter 4.5mm
Battery temp. rating 100°C
Water protection (sensor) Waterproof (Sous Vide and Dishwasher Safe)
Bluetooth range (line of sight) up to 400ft
Max Ambient temp 325°C
Max Internal temperature 125°C
Running time fully charged 24h
Cloud function (global access) Yes
Visual selection of doneness Yes
Works with Smartphone / Tablet Yes



Say welcome to our new innovative smart meat thermometer with true wireless technology – our CookPerfect Wireless Thermometer.


Up yo 400ft Bluetooth range


Unlimited range with WI-FI internet connection

Rechargeable Battery

Easily recharge the probe and base station


Connect the CookPerfect Wireless meat thermometer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the free app on your phone or tablet, and follow your cooking in real-time.

The CookPerfect app can be used for recipes and to set up how you want your meat to be cooked. Set up alerts and monitor your cooking in real-time. 

Our True Wireless is a professional meat thermometer that gives consistently perfect results!


Our CookPerfect Wireless Thermometer comes with no wires, which makes it much more maneuverable when you have to insert the thermometer in the meat.

You do not have to worry about whether the wire falls into the coals on the grill, or if the wire is pinched when you close the oven. Another advantage is that you are able to use the thermometer with a rotisserie.

The core temperature of the meat is calculated using a specially developed algorithm. The algorithm collects the measurements from multiple places inside the meat and calculates an exact core temperature.

Comes with a new type of rechargeble battery

In our True Wireless Thermometer, we use unique battery technology.

This battery technology is more sustainable than what is used in other wireless meat thermometers. Our battery-operated meat thermometer uses ceramic batteries – as opposed to the lithium batteries that are most often used in other types of meat thermometers – and is so far an unseen technology in the thermometer business.

The docking station has a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged by an USB cable.